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Information Services


When you think data, you think basic. When you deal with data, you deal with the essence. And when you have data, you have the core.

Here comes NESMA Advanced Technology’s role in dealing with all kinds of data and information utilizing the latest tools and up-to-date strategies to benefit from this powerful asset any company has (DATA).

But what kind of data components do we really handle?
To answer this question, here is a set of examples like Image & Document Management, Business Process, E-forms, Web Services Collaboration, Portals, Search Engines, Media Management, Resource Management, Networking, Business Continuity and Messaging & E-mail Management.

As a result, our customers will enjoy secure sources for instant access to business-critical information from unified presentation layer through portals accessing information and business application online without worrying about where or when.

What’s more assuring to deal with NESMA is to know that we have global partners whose know-how experiences are pioneering in their fields. To mention few names, we have EMC Documentum, Oracle, Microsoft, MIRO, HP, and Sakhr. We all together combine a powerful practice of information management to reach our objectives of providing our customers the best data solutions, bar none.


  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions
  • Business Process Management Solutions
  • Business Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Facilities Asset Management System (FAMS)
  • Healthcare Information Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

ECM Solutions are tools that manage integrated content. It deals with all types of content whether it is capturing, creating, archiving or saving to store it in an enterprise common environment. What’s good about ECM is that it covers workflow, security, storage, policies, importing, reporting, transformation and delivering.

Our ECM Solutions include:

Imaging and Document Capturing

If you wish to transfer hardcopy documents into electronic ones, here you can do it with scanning daily documents or high volumes of papers, OCR, ICR, Indexing, Image Enhancement, QA, QC, etc.

Document Management

This will help you manage one centralized secured repository, which includes the essential content services like Library Services, Security, Workflow, Searching, Lifecycle, Transformation, Right Management and Output Management.

Record Management

Whenever you feel your policy and standards must be added to your electronic documents, just use RM Solution. You’ll be able to make your normal electronic documents legal ones matching with your standards.

Email Archiving

As it says, this solution archives all emails in your organization (incoming & outgoing) in a secured place to keep a legal copy following a policy that you set in order to manage your personnel files.

Web Content Management

Using WCM, your web visitors will be able to interact with the web content (text, graphics, video, audio, and application code). Actually WCM has a long list of features. Some of them are covering Workflow, Version Control, Select or Assemble, delivering content to specific visitors, enabling users to edit and manage content, covering Content Manager Tool, Content Workflow, Web Publisher, Templates Management, Site Manager, Personalization Server, etc.


This solution carries a lot of its name. It aims at sharing effective secure and efficient decision-making ideas and information among co-workers, partners, customers, employees and prospective customers by removing barriers between people, data and processes. In addition, the communication tools of this solution provide Discussion Forums, Live Meetings, Messaging & Email tools, Project Management and Interactive Polls. All these serve the organization in saving time, reducing cost, and enhancing staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

Arabic Content Tools

Since our target is mainly an Arabic speaking market, we offer all ECM components integrated with Arabic tools, and this is very significant especially for organizations that help handle Arabic content covering Searching, Text Mining, OCR, Machine Translation and Speech.

Business Process Management Solutions

Here we help organizations simplify, automate, streamline and optimize their complex structured and unstructured business processes. We do this by creating a unified business process management infrastructure then linking users with applications. This whole solution will result in realizing greater operational efficiencies and enhancing staff productivity. At the same time, this offers better understanding of business performance.

BPM Solution is offered by NESMA to cover the following:
  • Analysis & understanding
  • Creating & designing
  • Execution of high volumes of transactions
  • Simulation & testing
  • Monitoring & reporting
  • Integration & interacting with other applications
  • E-form management
  • Tasks management

Business Enterprise Portal Solutions

A portal is where all concerned parties best meet together (employees, customers, vendors and users). This is why we consider this portal a crucial channel online (intranet, extranet, and internet) for any organization to offer its convenient services.

We cover 5 elements in this regard:

  • Portal Software: whether servers, software or framework, we give you what best fits your portal in both J2EE and .NET platform.
  • Strategy Planning: your objectives and target audience are the boosting point from which our strategy starts in your portal.
  • Art Design: because we know art design is always desired and has its own stoppage power, we give it sufficient attention and invest good time in it to make your portal look as elegant as you wish it to be.
  • Implementation: we know exactly what and where to use this interface or that framework.
  • Integration: and this is the most crucial part where you see and feel the harmony integrated in all the application to serve one purpose.

Enterprise Resources Planning

Imagine a solution for your business management that unifies planning, manufacturing, distribution, shipping, sales, marketing and accounting in one single system with one common database. Well, this is what our ERP offers you. This service goes beyond just offering tools and software. It actually creates magnificent competence across the business.

It’s a tailor-made studied service that we provide to our customers as we cover:

  • Sales and marketing management
  • Supply chain management
  • Human Resource
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial systems
  • Ordering and purchasing
  • Inventory control

Facilities Asset Management System (FAMS)

Whenever an organization needs to manage and track the maintenance of equipment and facilities, improve productivity, reduce operating costs, and store its maintenance information, it should simply use FAMS.

Healthcare Information Services

Healthcare services are considered as one of the most important and promising sectors in Saudi Arabia. The need of integrated and intelligent information solutions became the main factor of success for services providers and payers.

Because of this, Nesma Advanced Technology tries to be a healthcare solution integrator and offers what Saudi Market Needs. Our solutions in Healthcare are based on our ability to integrate different technologies, products and best practices to fit with specific needs for our customers covering the following Solutions:

  • ECM Solution for Healthcare: based on Documentum ECM which Covers the lifecycle of a patient’s information including Capturing, Document management, Work􀃸ow and Business Process and Integration services.
  • Advantech Nursing: Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA) and Pointof-Care Terminals integrated with nursing carts to increase data recording accuracy and prevent medication errors.
  • Advantech Patient Infotainment Terminal: with touch screen, WiFi, RFID, handset option, smart card reader, and1.3 megapixel CMOS camera.
  • Cloud Computing in the Healthcare by Biosensetek: Annual health checkup, Ambulatory vital sign, Location based step down ward monitor, Vital belt (smart clothing), and Mobile care.
  • Business Continuity Solutions: wide range of solutions that helps in the protection of critical patient information and HIPAA Compliance such like Hot Backup Solutions, Backup-to-disk solutions, Active Archiving Solutions, replication, and highest preference Storage solutions.
  • Email Archiving Solutions: that helps in handling sensitive information.
  • Cetrea: Cetrea Emergency and Cetrea Surgical are two new innovatives, visuallyinspiring, touch-based systems designed to support the logistic 􀃸ow in the Emergency and Surgical Department.
  • GE AssestPlus: to help you manage your expensive and complex medical assets.
  • Data Services (ICD 10 AM version for hospitals): include Arabic translations, labs and XRays, mapping with the ICD version 9, and integration to any available system in hospital.
  • Expert HIS: is a small to medium range information system for healthcare providers.
  • ORACLE ERP: for Healthcare.
  • Intranet and Internet Portals: based on Oracle or MS SharePoint.